30 mins ($77.77)

Animal & Pet Psychic Readings & Healing

30 Minute Animal Healing Promotion ! 

-Animal Healing over distance, can be done over phone 

- Energy healing sent it guided by archangels and ascended masters using Reiki, crystal and Advanced Theta techniques

- Over 20 years experience with animals!

- Usually $77.77, you save $7!



15 Minute Pet/ Animal Reiki/Theta Healing (Over Phone only).

​- Psychic Medium Andrea has a B.S. in Zoology, Zoo, animal, marine mammal aquarium and vet tech experience 

- Andrea can send healing and love over distance to your furry friend or family member

- Any messages that come through from your pet or angels will be delivered as well during session

Available Mon-Sun.


3 Pet/ Animal Text or Email Questions - 

Great way to get some quick answers.  Use one now, save the rest for later or use all today.  Questions answered within 24 hours.

Email questions to feathersinfinity@gmail.com or text at 469-267-4812.


Psychic Medium Andrea can connect with the guides and protectors of your furry friends and let you know what they think, what they want, how they feel including health issues. Size does not matter as Andrea connects with multiple guides & angels during the reading.  This includes pets, exotics, and large domestics.  Connect and call today!

​​20 mins ($55.55)

Pet ​Psychic Mediumship Reading over Phone - Skype chat and  Skype phone is available upon request

15 mins ($37.77)

Photo Credit: Brittany Ray Richards, Photographer