30 mins ($75)

Weight Loss Packet- No appointment needed, PDF and healing sent over email & distance

- Learn the Holistic Weight Loss tips I have used in the past to help me lose 130 pounds and counting

​- Learn how to manage the anxiety and stress that cause you to binge

​- Learn never-before-seen prayers to help you get through the hunger and fatigue

​- Theta healing from a certified Theta & Reiki Master with purchase

​-Nutritionists charge up to $300 a month for similar information but it lacks much of the metaphysical advice that helped me be so successful in one reasonable payment.

​-16 pages + Healing Included

Only $20!

60 mins ($130)

Weight Loss Consultations- Phone or Skype International

- If this is your first time with me, the above packet is included!

-Talk to me over Phone or Skype to discuss how your weight loss journey is going

- Advice on your food consumption, exercise, anxiety reduction or anything else on your mind

15 mins ($45)

Holistic Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

I’ve lost 130 pounds. 

I had a dream a few years ago, that Archangel Aria was standing in my kitchen, and telling me she was going to help me heal.  Intuitively I understood that this was a message that she was going to help me with healthy eating and weight loss.  At the time I was hooked on fast food, sugar and caffeine.  Years later, I have more energy now and my food cravings are heathier as well.  It's gotten easier to eat well after learning so much nutritional, psychological and metaphysical tricks to help me reach my weight loss goals.

In this packet you receive a healing that includes what I’ve received over the past 4 years that helped me succeed.  The packet includes:

  • Exclusive, never-before-seen affirmations given to me intuitively to help you with cravings
  • Exclusive, never-before-seen prayers given to me intuitively to help you stay on track
  • Tips and Tricks that worked for me to keep you on task with your goal
  • Psychological research gathered over time summarized for you to use the knowledge
  • Metaphysical tools to help with weight loss
  • Tips on keeping up with your exercise goals and to keep your energy high

​This is a chance of a lifetime to accomplish what you've been dreaming of and have been waiting for that holistically (body, mind, & spirit) gets you to where you want to go.  This packet includes the physical, spiritual and mental tips to help you to succeed, many of which you will not find anywhere else as I have been given them intuitively as I went through my weight loss and healing journey.