​​​​​30 mins ($77.77)

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Instant Readings Available Here - provided by Psychic Medium Andrea 7-10 pm PST most days unless booked with client readings

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​​​20 mins ($55.55)

Psychic Mediumship Reading over Phone
Skype chat and  Skype phone is available upon request

15 mins ($37.77)

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Archangel and divine Readings

60 mins ($150.55)

  • ​For more information on what topics I can help with and who I connect with during readings please check out my  About  page.
  • Most 15 and 20 minute readings I can fit in same day between other readings and when outside normal working hours.  Text 972-352-8113 if the scheduler is booked for the day and you want a reading same day.

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