What is a soul mate and a twin flame?

Some say that people are finding their soul mates and twin flames now more than ever before since 2012.  I have done many readings with those that have met theirs and here is what I have found.

A soul mate or a twin flame is someone you have strong feelings for, unlike anyone else you have met in this lifetime, with feelings that defy logic and what we call common sense.  Often times you barely get to know each other, or you've known each other for decades, and they come in and out of your life.  When they are gone you miss them more than anyone else.  You may even experience separation anxiety where you feel fatigued when they think of you or when you are physically separated.  I noticed the pattern in my readings over the years that many soul mates and twin flames become separated at some point in their relationship.  In many cases there are past lives together.  The past lives can often be a combination of ones that ended well and some that did not end well that you may be dealing with in this lifetime. 

​I asked the archangels during a healing/reading one time for a client why some of us go through this?  The answer I received was because "we want it so badly".  The soul mate connection is a sample of the unconditional love that God provides.  We want to get back to that unconditional love where we feel alive again.  Part of the lesson here is, you shouldn't "need" that person so badly.  You are not incomplete.  You have the creator of all that is to protect, love and guide you.  You are not separated from this person or God.  It's time to learn that when you meet someone that makes you feel this way.

Psychics and counselors that haven't met a connection like this tell you to "let go".  Like they know that is easy.  Some of you have tried on your own and you still feel tied like there is unfinished business.  I've been through it, and I struggled, until I found answers.  Now the pain and emptiness are gone thanks to the intuitive/psychic answers I received contained within my packet below.

The "Allowing Love In" process removes the negative energy and emotions from the past that have been building all this time with this person and with others that may cause the other person to run away.  It wipes away much of the negative beliefs and fears you have about relationships and this person.  It allows you to start fresh.  You are releasing how you feel things should have gone, your anger towards them, and the energy around disappointments with them.

My packet below outlines how I did this with prayer and theta commands that everyone can do without a certification in a healing modality.

If you are ready to feel better, my "Allowing Love In" packet is below to teach you how to go through the process.   If you are tired of the suffering, I highly recommend you buy and read the packet now.  I've kept the price low so that everyone can have a chance at feeling relief and breaking free from the patterns in your life.

This packet is good for those who want to:

  • ​Transform their current relationship's energy to contain less fear, regret, dissatisfaction, resentments
  • ​Release the past and start fresh with someone new, letting go of the negative patterns in the past that seems to reoccur in your relationships
  • ​Stop feeling stuck in the same patterns in your relationships
  • ​Release karma from current and past lives

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